The Fabric Of Change Competition Is Seeking Innovations For A Sustainable Fashion Industry

Ashoka Changemakers

While there is a growing concern within the fashion industry for sustainability and the working conditions of garment laborers, large-scale change has been slow to take hold. The catastrophic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh highlighted many of the systemic problems that continue to plague the industry. 

We would like to invite you to be part of Fabric of Change challenge. Jointly launched by Ashoka and C&A Foundation, it supports innovations for a fair and sustainable apparel industry.

The challenge is seeking solutions that will help create an apparel industry that respects people and planet and a future where prosperity is within reach for everyone in the fashion value chain.

Examples include solutions that:

  • Address workers’ rights, working and living conditions, and the livelihoods of farmers supplying the fashion industry;
  • Advance environmentally responsible materials, production methods, and supply chain processes;
  • Incentivize collaboration between brands, manufacturers, supply chain partners, and governments;
  • Promote transparency and mutual accountability between stakeholders;
  • Empower consumers to drive change;
  • Adapt models from other sectors to solve key problems in the apparel value chain.

The Changemakers Challenge will crowdsource solutions from around the world.  A panel of expert judges will select the most promising initiatives to receive more than €100,000 in total prizes to test, refine, or scale their solutions.

Finalists will be invited to present their work to industry leaders at the Fabric of Change Summit, to be held in the spring of 2016.

The deadline to enter is 18 November 2015, but if you submit your project before 21 Oct, you are eligible for an Early Entry Prize of an additional €1,000.

To enter the challenge and find out more, visit


 If you want to find more about socially conscious living in Asia, check out Asia For Good's social enterprise directory.


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