Green Baby Promotes 5R Business Opportunities

Kids grow up fast, especially in the first few years after they are born. Daily necessities have to be changed so rapidly that items like baby wear, baby cots and baby walkers are more or less still in brand new condition when they are no longer needed, which can be wasteful.

Green Baby, a local social enterprise, realises that there are parents who are trying to sell these unwanted baby items. At the same time, there are also many parents who are willing to purchase these items. Each of these transactions on average can amount to more than HK$1,000.

To seize this business opportunity, Green Baby set up a second-hand goods transaction platform to collect and resell used baby products. This promotes environmental protection and also helps young mothers to be active in the labour market, of which many are single mothers. They actively support the efforts to Recycle and Refurbish second-hand baby products, and encourage the public to Reuse these items from the users’ perspective, thereby raising public awareness on environmental protection. Through such experiences, these young mothers can also Rebuild their capabilities and confidence, which then Reignite their hopes for themselves, their young children and families.

The DBS Social Enterprise Advancement Grant provides funding to Green Baby, in order to support a group of young mothers to do patchwork with the guidance of a mentor and designer. This group of mother make use of high quality fabric and baby shirts collected to recreate new products that can be sold. These new products are not only good in quality but are also original, much to the liking of young parents. If you are interested to find out more, do visit Greenbaby’s website.

The DBS Social Enterprise Advancement Grant is committed to enhance the commercial and social efficiency of local social enterprises. Since last year, the grant has allocated HK$4,000,000 to fund 24 social enterprises.

This article was first appeared in Metro Daily and was contributed by contributed by Glendy Chu, Head of Group Strategic Marketing & Communications, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited.


Interested in socially conscious living in Asia? Check out Asia For Good's social enterprise directory.


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