He's Bringing Solar Power To China's Needy

Zhang Xin Tian

Yves Zuo Yu - Pionovasion - Asia For Good

“We want to change ‘solar cell’ from a distant concept into an everyday phenomenon.” Says Yves Zuo Yu social entrepreneur from Pionovasion.

Solar cells are relatively new to most of us. But Yves and his team are trying to change that. How? Pionovasion designs and manufactures CIGS thin film solar cells. Its energy efficiency is 30% more efficient than other cells. Which means that even on a hazy day in Beijing, it generates considerable amount of power. One of the major applications for the thin film solar cell is in solar power stations. Pionovasion has successfully built several power stations in China, for big commercial clients, as well as for rural schools through crowd funding. The social enterprise has even developed an app to track the amount solar energy generated. Plus, the cells are low maintenance and do not need much extra care apart from the occasional wipe. 

Yves and his team believe in empowering the needy through innovation. They have collaborated with international NGOs and other social enterprises. For example, Pionovasion has worked with the UN Refugee Agency in designing a solar stove and transportable solar cells.

Another creation is "solar cloth"- a low-cost, waterproof, lightweight sheet of solar energy panels! The applications are boundless - everything from toy cars to jetplanes could potentially be solar powered, with this social innovation.

Pionovasion Solar cloth CIGS - Asia For Good





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