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your next bottle of shampoo could untangle farmers from poverty

Affordable beauty products that work for our skin, empower communities in the Philippines, and benefit the planet. What’s not to love?

Their tagline is "beauty with compassion", and the range of personal care products run the gamut from makeup and shampoo to essential oils and insect repellant. 

Started in 2008, Human Nature was founded by Dylan Wilk, his wife Anna Meloto-Wilk and her sister Camille Meloto. The trio was passionate about creating affordable, ethical beauty products for the Filipino market. Since then the social enterprise has spread its wings to the US, Malaysia, the UAE and Singapore.

Pro Phillippines, Pro Poor, Pro Environment

As the brand name suggests, their products are humane and natural - "pro Phillipines, pro poor, pro environment". As if that isn't enough, they're also members of the Natural Products Association (NPA), a US-based non-profit that "upholds the strictest standards of naturalness of personal care products in the world." Products with the NPA label are biodegradable, pose no threat to human health, are petroleum-free among other regulations. Better still, Human Nature is PETA-approved (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals) and cruelty-free



Human Nature stays close to their roots, striving to formulate products using ingredients that grow and thrive on their homeland, and use local suppliers, whenever possible.

From the get-go, they joined forces with the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, an organisation that aims to end poverty in the Philippines by empowering communities all over the country. Human Nature provides training and fair wages (about 70% more than the legal minimum wage) to all the staff hired from these areas.

Human Nature's farmers receive a fair wage and create their all-natural, ethical beauty products

For the community 

They also improve the lives of small-scale farmers by providing them the sustainable technologies and infrastructures to grow plant ingredients (like coffee, nuts, coconut nectar and tea leaves) for the company's products. It's a lot more lucrative for these people who used to make very little, growing only rice. Human Nature even has a no-firing policy, allowing staff who have not had the benefit of an education, the space and time to learn from their mistakes. 

Sticking by their fair trade principles, the company pays their community-based suppliers fairly, sometimes even shelling out above-market prices if the going rate was too low to give these suppliers a decent standard of living.  

There are so many wins when you support their business. Aside from all the people and environment-focused initiatives you help maintain, their products are also awesome – they're effective and kind to your skin.

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

To get the best bang for your buck, grab the super versatile Sunflower Beauty Oil (from SGD$10.90 for a 50ml bottle), made out of purely sunflower seed oil and brimming with vitamin A, D and E goodness. The list of its uses is exhaustive – remove makeup, moisturise your face and body (even around the undereye area and cuticles!), de-frizz your hair, relieve itching from bug bites, soothe sunburns, and more. 


Another bestselling product is the Natural Strengthening Shampoo in Soothing Aloe (from SGD$9.90 for a 200ml bottle).


Enjoy a sulphate-free wash while you nourish your hair with hydrolysed wheat protein that helps strengthen hair strands, available in both Cool Peppermint and Soothing Aloe scents.

Ready to take the plunge and go natural? Check out these simple tips on how to integrate all natural products into your beauty regimen.

Visit or to find out more. 

 If you want to find more about socially conscious living in Asia, check out Asia For Good's social enterprise directory.



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