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Sabina-Leah Fernandez

NooTrees affordable eco-friendly paper products


The Asia For Good team can’t stop raving about NooTrees, an eco-friendly brand of disposable paper products that won't break the bank.

If, like us, you go through a lot of tissue, wet wipes, and ahem, toilet paper, you'll be super excited about NooTrees - which makes all those with minimum impact on the environment. The range is made of bamboo – an environmentally sound alternative to wood pulp that’s biodegradable, sustainable and hypoallergenic.



NooTrees statement on bamboo

Bamboo is awesome. As this screen grab from the NooTrees website explains.


There are so many reasons that bamboo is a better bet for the planet. First, it's not a tree, but a fast-growing grass. It holds the Guinesss world record for being the world's fastest-growing plant. It produces more oxygen than the average tree, and can grow in far more diverse terrain. NooTrees raves about it on their website here but if you want to get really technical check out this article on

But more than just green factor, this is good quality stuff as well. The texture of the products is virtually identical to the tissue we normally use, and we were pleasantly surprised by the price point: Ten rolls of 3-ply toilet paper are $7.95 (USD5.50) and 10 packets of pocket tissues are just SGD2 (USD1.40). That's just slightly more than the price of ordinary wood pulp products.

Another unexpected standout product is NooTree’s SelfSpa Aqua Skin Moisturising Wipes. Ideal for removing makeup, the hyaluronic-enriched wipes are double-sided. One side has raised “eco dots” which exfoliate skin, the other side is smooth, so you can wipe off any excess makeup. Best of all, the wipe even takes off waterproof eyeliner.

NooTrees Self Spa Aqua Skin

Pictured: SelfSpa Aqua Skin Moisturising Wipes


So join the bamboo revolution, support this social enterprise and do the planet a favour. To quote the NooTrees tagline: "It's Cool to Care."


NooTrees is available in Cold Storage, RedMart and Marketplace by Jasons.

  If you want to find more about socially conscious living in Asia, check out Asia For Good's social enterprise directory.


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