ReLight Upcycled Lamps Are A Bright Idea

Zhang Xintian

Relight Upcycled Lamp Made Of Unwanted BackLit Film. These lamps from Beijing-based designers uses waste materials.


They look good and they reduce waste. Meet ReLight, the Beijing-born upcycled lamps. 

The lamps which come in all shapes colours and sizes, are made of unwanted backlit film, the material that is used to make outdoor ads like those in bus stations and shopping malls. While the ads are constantly being replaced and changed, backlit film (aka PVC) is non-biodegradable, if left alone in the nature, it pollutes soil and water for decades.

Lamp designer Jia Yu and her team at ReLight are giving the material a  new lease of life. PVC makes perfect lampshade material exactly because it is durable, heat- and water-resistant. ReLight lampshades are safe to use and their previous identity as advertisements means they are blessed with beautiful colours.

What's more, ReLight comes as a DIY kit - using simple instructions, you put the pieces together to "hand-make" your very own ReLight. "It's like Lego and you can make the style you want!” says Jia Yu. Don't worry assembly is easy. As the website says, anyone can put it together “from a six-year-old kid, to an eighty-year-old grandma.”

You can purchase one of these beautiful ReLight lamp at their online store. (Chinese only, but don't let that stop you from having a look!)

We love their ceiling lamps which are aptly called "Jellyfish"

To Jia Yu, ReLight is about spreading light and knowledge through art. “Previously we did art exhibitions in train stations. We are currently experimenting with paperfolding artists. We don’t know what we are expecting, but we’d love to have more people joining us,” said Jia Yu.

Jia Yu and her team welcome design ideas and contributions on which ads you'd like to see reinvented as a ReLight. If you have an idea, contact 


Interested in socially conscious living in Asia? Check out Asia For Good's social enterprise directory.


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