Splurgeworthy Socially Conscious Xmas Presents That Are Worth Every Penny

By Sabina-Leah Fernandez & Lesley Teoh

Sure, we all fantasize about outrageously expensive gifts like a week of luxe living at an English country manor, but we’ll happily settle for the fashion items with compassion for the girl who has everything.

Our roundup of ethically-made clothes, shoes and bags may cost a little more, but they are so planet- and people-friendly, we sleep better at night knowing our dollar was used for good. The fact that they all look insanely cool is just another side bonus.

Angled Marble Gold Cuffs, GBP 155, from Edge of Ember

Edge of Ember

[Image Source: Edge of Ember]

Guaranteed to help you #slay any occasion, these angled 18k gold plated brass cuffs come in lapis, marble, jade or agate. Wear it on its own as a solid, striking accent, or stacked with other cuffs for maximum bling. Each piece is lovingly made by artisans in Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia.

Classic 100% Yak Down Cardigan in Mulberry, USD 254 from SHOKAY

Shokay yak down fashion

[Image Source: Shokay]

SHOKAY (which means yak down in Tibetan) is the world’s first socially responsible textile brand that develops high-end clothing and accessories from yak down. The fibers used are sourced directly from Tibetan communities to create income generation opportunities. SHOKAY also reinvests part of their profits to further develop local communities.

UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley Sneakers from Adidas (Price On Application)

Adidas Parley Sneakers

[Image Source: Adidas]

“What if we took plastic from the ocean and turned it into a sports shoe?” A million pairs of sneakers from 11 million plastic bottles, picked out of the ocean – that’s the lofty promise of Adidas x Parley – which is only accepting sign-ups for and is not yet on sale. The material is also being used to make football jerseys for FC Bayern Munich.

Diana Silver Cuff, USD 369, from Sapahn

Sapahn cuff in silver - sustainably made

[Image Source: Sapahn]

Make a bold statement with this silver bracelet in alligator-weave made by the Karen Hill Tribe and your beautiful things could do beautiful things for the world. Sapahn partners with nine artisan communities throughout Thailand, empowering nearly 500 artisans.

Mill Jumpsuit in Bone USD 155, from Fair Cloth Supply

[Image Source: Fair Cloth Supply]

Started by Phoebe Dahl (the granddaughter of Roald Dahl and ex-fiancé of Ruby Rose), this label has that sexy androgynous look down to a fine art. Case in point – this white linen jump suit, loose and comfy but with a neckline that plunges down to there. Dress it up or down, it pairs as easily with flip flops as it does with heels.

Organic Cotton Pthalate-Free Hoodie, GBP 65, from Patagonia

Patagonia sweater

[Image Source: Patagonia]

Patagonia is an apparel company that keeps sustainability and corporate responsibility at the core of all it does. We can’t get enough of their ski and climbing gear, but equally love their basics like this sustainably sewn Fair Trade Certified hoodie that is made with PVC- and phthalate-free inks to minimize negative environmental impacts.

Conoisseur Classic Fedora GBP 4,445 from Pachacuti


[Image Source: Pachachuti]

British milliners Pachachuti believe that a good luxury brand “not only delivers a beautiful product to the customer, but provides a positive benefit to all who are affected by its creation.” Hence their hats crafted with sustainable, ethically sourced materials made in Ecuador and go through a highly transparent and fair supply chain. The founder is also the force behind Fashion Revolution, a movement that challenges fast fashion labels’ questionable labour practices.

Betty High-heeled Boots GBP 249 from Beyond Skin

Betty Boots by beyond skin

[Image Source: Beyond Skin

We love winter holidays because it gives us an excuse to wear a gorgeous piece of art like this. And guilt-free too, as no animals were harmed in the making of these vegan suede boots, which were hand-made in Spain.


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