Tasty, Healthy Snack Delivery Service That Also Feeds The Needy

Celine Asril

Your next snack could east another's hunger

Do good to more than just your body. While you eat healthy, you’re also giving a meal to someone in need.

There is more to this monthly box subscription service than meets the eye: Boxgreen, a healthy and natural snacks service, donates a meal to marginalised members of Singaporean society for every box delivered. Boxgreen, a social enterprise works with Willing Hearts – a secular, non-denominational, independent charity – to provide daily meals and support services to the needy. 

In the first six months of operation, they delivered over 5,000 snack boxes and for every box delivered donated the equivalent of a meal through Willing Hearts.

Boxgreen snack selection

“Using money to help is just part of the equation, I think what really makes a difference is the team taking time off once a month to help out in the Willing Hearts kitchen to cook, wash and deliver meals straight to a beneficiary's hands,” says Boxgreen co-founder, Walter Oh.

“We are a big believer in having access to nutritious food. So helping others to have access to their three basic meals a day naturally aligns with BoxGreen's mission,” he says.

BoxGreen offers over 30 varieties of healthy snacks for a good cause

There are over 30 variations of nutritious snacks available at Boxgreen, though that number is set to increase to 50 by early 2016. Each subscription box contains 12 mini snack packs, and the selections are high in antioxidants, B vitamins, and generally low in calories. The mini snack packs, all with memorable names like Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites, Milo Dino Granola and Cheng Tng (No Ice) are made up of nuts, dried fruit, superfoods, grains and chocolate, all in various delicious combinations.

 Boxgreen Sunshine Chips

Avid snackers that we are at Asia For Good, we like the high-fibre Sunshine Chips (air-fried vegetable chips, carrots, beans and sweet potato) and MacRitchie Midnight (dark chocolate nibs, pumpkin seeds, whole hazelnuts, and dried cranberries). Find out more about all these and their full list of snacks here.

If you subscribe to the monthly delivery service, you get to choose which snacks you get. The searchable website allows you to pick if you like sweet, savoury, tart or all, and filter based on what you’re looking for: low sugar, low calorie, low sodium or full of fibre. So it's easy to use and customised to your taste.

Yummy, healthy, convenient and it helps the community - where do we sign up?

Boxgreen subscription starts at $19.90 a month. Visit their website to find out more.

Boxgreen Box


If you want to find more about socially conscious living in Asia, check out Asia For Good's social enterprise directory.


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