These Slippers Gotta Lotta Soul

Celine Asril

Your next pair of slippers could give another soul new soles


Every purchase you make at Soule helps someone in need. That's how social enteprise Soule gives back while turning a profit.

Soule Social enterprise sells a range of slippers, notebooks and sunglasses

There is no flip-flopping when it comes to footwear: almost everyone has a pair, except perhaps those who live under the poverty line and natural disaster survivors looking to get back on their feet. That's where Soule steps in.

Every product sold by Soule goes towards helping low-income children and survivors of natural disasters

To date, Soüle’s sales (via their website and at stores like Naiise and The Nail Social) have enabled them to give out more than 1,877 pairs of footwear to children in Singapore and China who live under the poverty line. It's also not a one-size-fits-all solution. The social enterprise remains focussed on the children and depending on their needs, socks and other items are sometimes provided instead.

Soule gives a pair of shoes to someone in need - part of the social enterprise's mission

“Our giving is mainly focused on empowering children towards having an education,” said co-founder Lim Jing Ying. While it may not seem connected, many children who live in rural areas have to walk long distances to school, and without shoes, they struggle to do so.

Jing Ying and her co-founders John Tay and Justine Lee, started Soüle as a project in 2008 when they were just 16 and 17 years old. Now the three are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultants to companies like Samsung and Meiji, helping others build their own foundation for doing good. 

Soule flip flops

"Soüle drops” have been done at schools like Quannei Sunshine Primary School and at least three other village primary schools in Lincang, Yunnan, China. And Soule also chipped in to Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts in 2013, by donating footwear and drybags to survivors in The Philippines.

Soule donates shoes to children through "soule drops"

Apart from slippers, Soule also sells stationery and sunglasses - all sales support a great cause.

Flip flops, notebooks and sunnies that help the people who need it - who knew shopping could feel this good. 

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If you want to find more about socially conscious living in Asia, check out Asia For Good's social enterprise directory.


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