Video: Aurora Organic Farming Taiwan

Sabina-Leah Fernandez

Aurora Organic Farming Tang Zhi Wei

This video tells the story of Aurora, a Taiwanese social enterprise that's teaching organic farming to  aboriginal tribes in Taiwan.


"What we are doing here, we are doing for the next generation." That's the message of Aurora Social Enterprise, a Taiwanese company that supports Aboriginal communities in rural areas. The social enterprise tells their story in a Portraits of Purpose video, produced by the DBS Foundation

Aurora's core business is guiding aboriginal villagers to develop organic farms. The social enterprise (SE) helps indigenous farmers to grow crops like vegetables, tea, coffee, bamboo shoots, and is currently working with around 50 farmers, mainly in the towns of Alishan, Xinyi and Reni. They collaborate with Manna Organic Life Association to train farmers, provide price guarantees, procurement of agricultural products, and even micro-financing.  

Firm in its social mission to support the aboriginal community, they are also conscious of the greater good - Aurora encourages organic production, minimising the impact on the environment, adopting fair trading practices. They hope that allowing aboriginal villagers to own businesess in their local area will reduce poverty, attract young people to return home (as many leave for big cities and never return), and ensure the preservation and continuity of the land and culture.

Check out the Portraits of Purpose playlist to find out more about other inspiring social enterprises in Asia.

If you want to find more about socially conscious living in Asia, check out Asia For Good's social enterprise directory.


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