Your Guide To Guilt-Free Snacking This Chinese New Year

Lesley Teoh

Make the calories count with guilt-free snacks that give back. From modern reinventions like salted egg yolk cookies to traditional pineapple tarts, we’ve got you fam.

Christmas has just ended and we’re trying to lose the pounds we've put on, but Lunar New Year is just around the corner. Here are five more reasons to postpone that new year diet.

Let the feasting begin!

:IAM’s Salted Egg Yolk Cookies (SGD 16.80), Arrowhead Chils with Black Truffle Salt & Mao Shan Wang Durian Love Letters (SGD 15)

Check out their modern take on festive treats like salted egg yolk cookies (250g), arrowhead chips with black truffle salt and Mao Shan Wang durian love letters (300g) that and contain real durian puree for that extra oomph. Started by the founders of Flourish Pastries, :IAM promotes the special talents of youth with special needs. Each product is created and designed by volunteer artists who match a beneficiary to a product range, where they work with the culinary artists as a team to produce baked goods.

BoxGreen Social Enterprise Chinese New Year Cockadoodledoo Box

BoxGreen’s Cockadoodledoo Box (SGD 58)

Sure, we all enjoy the occasional snack as we go visiting during the Lunar New Year, but all those calories can really add up. Did you know that Bak Kwa contains 229 calories per slice, while a 20g pineapple tart clocks in at 82 calories? Not to fret, our friends at BoxGreen are releasing a limited edition healthy snack box for CNY. Great for the office pantry or as a festive gift, it includes four nutritious snacks like Matcha Pineapple Munchies and Cranberry Chia Crunch Cookies in a quirky suitcase carrier. Better yet, for each box sold, BoxGreen will donate a meal to the needy through Willing Hearts – a local soup kitchen.

Flour Power’s Organic Pineapple Tarts (SGD 19.80) And Peanut Cookies (SGD 12)

Try their premium pineapple tarts (SGD 19.80) made with organically grown pineapples and complemented by buttery pastry, or their their melt in your mouth peanut cookies. Flour Power trains people with special needs to bake and equips them with general employability skills like customer service and money management.

[Image Source: The Vegan Box]

East Bali Cashews Sesame Ginger Cashew Nuts (SGD 3.95) & Garlic Pepper Cashew Nuts (SGD 3.99)

Instead of the usual sunflower seeds and roasted peanuts, why not try these highly addictive cashews from East Bali Cashews, a sustainable business that empowers women of the Desa Ban community through education and employment. You’ll love their nuts, which are peeled and ready to go.  Perfect for lazy people, these nuts offer maximum enjoyment with minimal effort. They come in an assortment of sweet and savoury flavours like Garlic Pepper, Chilli Crunch and Chocolate.


MINDS Gong Xi Fa Cai Sets (SGD 60)

Showing up empty-handed when visiting is a definite no-no. Try bringing along these auspicious gift sets during your CNY visits that are guaranteed to impress even the fussiest friends and relatives (it'll definitely help you score points with your future in-laws). Each set includes handmade pineapple tarts, dark chocolate oatmeal cookies (my personal favourite!), cherry chocolate glacier cookies and pistachio nuts. Your purchase will go towards helping MINDS (Movement For The Intellectually Disabled) provide training and employment to their beneficiaries. 


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