Zaya: Empowering Children Through Education


Zaya means “destiny” in Mongolian and that’s exactly what Zaya Learning Labs is trying to achieve – to empower each and every child to achieve their destiny through education.

Zaya Learning Labs

Although education provides a pathway out of poverty and is a fundamental right for all, it is a luxury in developing countries where dropout rates are high and access to schools is patchy at best.

Often, the education system in low-income areas is plagued by a lack of resources, a shortage of qualified teachers, poor connectivity, and even inconsistency in teaching quality.

This is where Zaya comes in – the social enterprise hopes to bridge the education gap through their end-to-end affordable blended learning model to provide quality education low-income markets.

Zaya Learning Labs

Their game-changing model combines individualised learning with Zaya Labkits that contain tablets, a projector and the ClassCloud, which have been preloaded with lesson plans for teachers and digital interactive learning content for students.

Zaya has also disrupted the traditional low-cost education industry as their innovative ClassCloud solutions do not require internet connectivity and can be delivered to a child for less than USD 2 per child per month.

What’s more, Zaya is not only helping change the destinies of these children for the better, it’s also helping empower women in these communities by transforming them from unskilled teachers into confident facilitators.

Feeling inspired? Watch this episode of the Sparks mini-series by DBS that was inspired by Zaya Learning Labs, winner of the inaugural DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia (SVCA) and one of the Grant recipients of the DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant Programme.

You can also read more about the story behind Zaya and what the Sustainable Development Goals mean to Neil.

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