VIDEO: Three Women Winning At Social Entrepreneurship

Lesley Teoh

Asia For Good by DBS Foundation is celebrating three remarkable female social entrepreneurs and the inspiring work they do.

A food truck that helps feed the poor, a startup that turns plastic bags into skyscrapers, and a tea bar starting a silent revolution. We salute the three tremendous women behind these purpose-driven enterprises. 

Watch the video to hear from these inspiring female social entrepreneurs who are changing the world one business at a time.

Read more about the three amazing women featured.

Luan Ee is the founder of Kerbside Gourmet, a food truck that gives a meal to the needy for every main meal sold.Check out Luan Ee's food truck in Kerbside Gourmet, 

Chui Ling is the co-founder of BlueRen, a social enterprise that upcycles unwanted plastics into Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)Read our interview with BlueRen co-founder Wong Chui Ling, 

Anthea Ong founded Hush TeaBar - a silent movement that empowers the deaf.And find more about Hush Tea Bar founder, Anthea Ong.

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